A small charity has a big impact.

Charityfy applies a body of scientific knowledge called the Brain Story, which helps to explain the connection between the experiences we have in our lives and our physical, emotional and social outcomes. Whenever a client comes to Charityfy with a problem, we consider the big picture circumstances surrounding that problem. To do this, we use a tool called the Resiliency Matrix.

An Evidence-Based Approach

Charityfy Awards

As we’ve evolved into an evidence-based social agency, Charityfy has been recognized by multiple stakeholders for the impact of our programs and our commitment to building resilience in individuals, families and communities.


Top Impact Charity Summary

A growing niche of donors each year is looking for terrific charities to support, particularly those that have measurable, proven, and high impact.


Top Canadian Charity

We see ourselves as research analysts who help Canadian donors give better. Yes, we hold charities accountable for the generous support they receive.


International Charity

Charity Intelligence’s reports and ratings help Canadians give confidently. With greater confidence, people say they gave 32% more money.

Lasting change

Using the science of brain development, CUPS provides integrated programs and services that help our clients manage adversity and build resilience. We focus on strategies that lead to lasting change, and we work with partners who are shaping better outcomes for generations to come.